A Time lapse movie is a fantastic way to see how a slow moving event takes place in a short space of time. This can illustrate how a Stage or Music Industry event comes together, how a building or construction project evolves, how city skylines and landscapes change over time and in the seasons or how a production process takes shape. See crowds of people flow like rivers, or night traffic become a high light show of intense energy.


Footage is used by a variety of clients including the TV and Film industry, corporate companies to produce clever, fascinating and entertaining videos. Footage can be used on your web site, in reception area video displays, interesting sequences in a TV or film production, in corporate videos to illustrate how a production process takes place in a matter of seconds rather than and weeks, months or years.

Movie Locations
The time lapse movie company is a UK based company with several cameramen available for hire in various locations. The movie equipment is portable and easily shipped to enable international work to be undertaken.


Time lapse movie company has a unique and high quality production process providing all movies in High Definition format which can be then dropped to lower resolution formats for alternative uses such as web sites etc. We have created our own custom workflow techniques from using modified multi DSLR cameras, through to advanced digital post production techniques devised from motion picture industry visual effects and camera processes. Images are acquired from ultra high quality camera RAW footage, and mastered in 1080p High Definition (a very similar technical process was used in the film “Corpse Bride”) using HDR (high dynamic range) compositing and grading. Once in the digital post production pipe-line, there are infinite possibilities with image manipulation and in adding visual effects and enhancements. From there we can easily output to any format or resolution, all HD formats, DVD, Quicktime, Flash, MPEG, WMV, even Cineon for 2k film. Movies are made more dynamic and interesting with motion control style camera moves and zooms during shots.

Please call us if you would like to discuss a project in more detail or require a costing for a project.

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