All Timelapse movies are available for purchase in several formats
including HD. Please email us to discuss royalty fees.

Conference Production

The fit up of a live event may take days to complete but a surperb use of timelapse movie
can illustrate to your clients what takes days in a matter of minutes.

Music Industry
The fit up of a Music Concert takes days and the use of a timelpase movie to capture the build up can
be used in a concert highlights video or as a promotional tool in the stage production industry.

The power of nature and the stunning visuals effects of a timelapse landscape movie can bring a scene to life
in a magical way. Used in TV and film as interesting and clever footage to link scenes involving a time concept or in much
bigger productions as links.

Want to capture the energy and buzz of a city in a truly dynamic piece of footage then consider a timelapse movie.

See a building being constructed in a matter of seconds instead of months.
Ideal for landmark buildings or as promotional tools for construction and architectural companies.

Marketing and Advertising
See a project from start to finish in a matter of seconds. Ideal as a promotional tool.

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